Roll of the DJ F.A.Q.Commitment Facts About the DJ Bridal Shop






How Much Do You Charge? I have a wide range of prices, and each price is specific to the type of entertainment package I will create for you. It is best to meet with me to determine what package would be best for you, and I can give you an exact quote.

How Much Should I Budget For My DJ? You will hear from many vendors that you shouldn’t skimp on their services, but it couldn’t be truer in the case of DJ Entertainment. Considering that your DJ Entertainment will bear the responsibility of over 80% of the success of your celebration, you can see why choosing a FULL-TIME PROFESSIONAL DJ is the wisest choice. Your wedding already looks like a million bucks, so don’t cut corners on the most important element that will make your reception an unforgettable and fun experience. Professional rates for DJ Entertainment range from around $700-$3,500, with the average professional rate being around $1,200. There are less experienced and part-time DJs that may charge less, but when you have an once-in-a lifetime celebration, why take chances?

Will You Hold My Date? In the DJ industry, our dates are our “inventory” and therefore cannot be held without a contract and retainer. Even if you need time to decide which package suits you, simply call to request a retainer contract. A small retainer of as low as $250 will hold your date. The most important detail is that you secure your date with me. Then, I can help you design a package right for you. I accept cash or check for the retainer payment.

Do You Use Contracts And Are You Insured? For peace of mind, of course I use written contracts and conduct my business professionally; however I never let the rules get in the way of good business. I am fully insured and a member of the American Disc Jockey Association. I am very easy to work with, and my focus is on celebration and family.

Will You Be On Time For My Reception? Yes. In fact, I will be early. I make all the arrangements for my arrival with your reception hall, and I arrive approximately one hour early to set up. My equipment and microphones are then tested, tuned, and fully equalized to the room so your first guest hears perfection.

What Kind Of Equipment Do You Use? As a Full-Time Professional DJ Company, I only use the most reliable, professional and State-Of-The-Art Equipment. Although my talent, expertise, and musical abilities come first, my Sound and Lighting Systems are the tools I use to perform. When my name, reputation, and mission to deliver the best celebration for you are on the line, I count on my tools to deliver amazing sights and sound trouble-free. The brands I trust are the same companies that have been providing sound and lighting for the nation’s top concert and club venues. I perform using a completely digital sound system, using both CD and computers. Creatively, this combination gives me ultimate flexibility to perform mixes never before possible. With the latest technology and backup gear built in and on site, you are guaranteed a fantastic reception worry-free.

What Kind Of Music Do You Have? And Do You Have A List? D.J. Productions Music and Entertainment has the best music on the planet. At the time of this writing, I am holding over 500,000 songs titles. I subscribe to the industry’s best music programming service that updates my library weekly. These are the same companies that service the top radio stations in the USA. My music is updated so frequently that I will have all of your favorite tunes and requests. I also have all of your favorite party classics, and tunes from every era including Big Band, Motown, Disco, New Wave 80’s, Classic Rock n’ Roll, Alternative Rock, Top 40, R ‘n B, Urban, Hip Hop, Dance, Club Music, Techno, Old School, Funk and even more! Whew! If you are looking for a suggestion list, it is more practical that I send you a list of the “most requested” music suggestion list, along with a suggested song list for traditional dances. Also keep in mind, there is only time to hear around 15-20 songs per party hour.