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D.J. Productions Wedding Reception Time Commitment

Although it appears that you are purchasing a 5 or 6 hour wedding package, this is the amount of time it really takes to create a Signature Celebration!

Total Time Commitment: 26-44 hours

Personal Consultation with your Master of Ceremonies: 3-4 hours.
The most comprehensive planning in the industry covers all aspects of your reception from the entrance of your first guest until the final goodbye. Designed to allow you to enjoy your reception, stress-free, I will take care of everything.

Personalized Timeline/Agenda for the Entire Reception: 2-3 hours
I will create the agenda and coordinate with all other vendors, including the venue, photographer and videographer so that everything runs smoothly and you will always have the special moments captured on film. The detailed agenda will be based upon our consultation together and assure you that all professionals will be working as a team to create your ideal reception.

Finalization of Details with Master of Ceremonies and Travel: 4-8 hours
Your Master of Ceremonies will coordinate with the Bride, Groom, Parents, Grandparents and anyone giving toasts or special traditions. Contact will be by phone or in person. Once these details are finalized, a finalization meeting is scheduled with the Bride and Groom. These highly detailed meetings are necessary to assure a smooth reception.

Custom Introductions and Love Stories: 3-4 hours
Your Master of Ceremonies will create a personalized introduction for you and your special guests and/or your own unique Love Story set to music. They can be funny, romantic, emotional or more often a combination of all three.

Custom Recordings: 2-4 hours
I offer a variety of custom recording options. The bride and groom can record special messages to each other, which I will edit to perfection and master into your first dance. I will also re-master the music to customize the instrumental portions to fit your words perfectly. You may also choose a message from the bride to her father for the father/daughter dance, from bride and groom to their parents or guests, the vows from the ceremony, messages from guests unable to attend, or many other variations.

Pre-Reception Coordination: 1-2 hours
I will coordinate with all your other vendors prior to the reception to iron out every small detail. Additional photography, special arrivals, toasts or presentations will be orchestrated into the evening smoothly.

Event Preparation, Travel, Setup and Take Down: 5-10 hours
Behind the scenes, normal preparation on the day of your reception begins 5-7 hours prior to start time. The equipment and backup is double checked, van is loaded, props and specialty items are prepared and our arrival is scheduled between 2 to 3 hours prior to your first guest arrival. Equipment is setup and tested along with microphones, so that the first guest hears perfection.

Additional Staff Production Assistant: 5-9 hours
My production assistant is another DJ who helps your Master of Ceremonies. This allows your MC to leave the DJ booth to coordinate with the Family, Wedding Party, vendors and guests.

Event Performance: 5-6 hours
From the moment of your first guests’ arrival, to the final goodnight, I will deliver a lifetime of memories, using the highest quality entertainment, music, sound and lighting. I will manage our 100-point checklist and assure you the most memorable and successful Wedding Reception ever.


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